Testing Chemicals for Hazardous Peroxides

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) recommends that all peroxide-forming chemicals should be tested every six months for peroxide content or discarded and replaced.   Since the Department of Chemistry instituted this testing program in 2008, we have had no reported accidents involving peroxide-contaminated chemicals.  Thank you for your continuing cooperation.  Further information from EH&S: http://www.ehs.pitt.edu/assets/docs/peroxide-forming.pdf.

Please contact the Department of Chemistry and/or EH&S (412-624-9505) if you have further questions.

To help with this testing EMD Millipore Sigma sells Catalog number 1100110002   Peroxide Test Method: colorimetric test strips 0.5 – 2 – 5 – 10 – 25 mg/L H2O2 in packs of 25 each.  Other scientific suppliers sell similar test strips.  

We have an Emergency Protocol that makes it a policy to report incidents to the Department of Chemistry after calling the Pitt Police (412) 624-2121 or EH&S (412) 624-9505 as necessary.

Injury and Incident reporting assigned Department of Chemistry Contacts are:
Director of Stockroom   Josh Jones                  jcjst22@pitt.edu           (412) 624-8554      (724) 469-3338
Facilities Coordinator    Mary Beth Conroy     chembldg@pitt.edu     (412) 624-5521
Administrative Officer   Evon Nigro                 nigro@pitt.edu              (412) 624-8477

The Dangers of Peroxide Forming Chemicals Experienced here at Pitt.