Gas Cylinder Information

Dangers of Compressed Gas Cylinders

Dangers of Compressed Gas Cylinders Dangers of Compressed Gas Cylinders – click to see the above image as a document.
More gas cylinder safety information is available from Pitt EH&S — it is part of the University Chemical Hygiene Plan —

What type of Gas Cylinder should I use?

Gas cylinders should be purchased in the smallest size required for your research project.   Most RETURNABLE cylinders are acceptable to buy.  If you are not sure if your container is returnable, then just check with the supplier, like Matheson Valley Gas.   MATHESON TRI-GAS   903 THOMPSON RUN RD   WEST MIFFLIN, PA 15122   Phone No. 412 (459) 1411

What potentially hazardous gasses are restricted to order?

Consult the EH&S Guideline for Health Hazard 3 and 4 gases ( to determine if the gas you want to obtain is restricted. Any gas listed as a HH3 or HH4 gas must be approved by EH&S in order to determine the allowable quantity that can be ordered for your laboratory.
If you have any questions please check with Pitt EH&S (412) 624-9505.

Are the cylinders that I typically purchase — Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Oxygen — okay?  If so, then I just need to check in with EH&S regarding the mixes or non-standard tanks.

Yes, Argon, Helium, and Nitrogen are Inert gasses; Oxygen can be an Oxidizer.

An example of a problem is Propane; as you know grills use this flammable gas. Propane is limited to one pound cylinders and EH&S should be consulted prior to ordering propane.
Nitrogen dioxide is the toxic gas that a research group had problems receiving after ordering it, and so they just isolated as a reaction product for their needs.
Chlorine is probably a nice example of a poisonous gas, as with poisons they say it’s the dose. In low quantities it is safe; we smell Chlorine at the swimming pool and have it in tap water.  If you plan to order any of hazardous gasses please check with Pitt EH&S (412) 624-9505.

Can I buy a Lecture Bottle?

ALTERNATIVES to lecture bottles information is available online:  

What is my research group Matheson Account number?

Your Matheson Account number for PantherExpress order Internal Notes field is available online: