Chemical Transportation from the Stockroom

In order to minimize potential chemical spills, all unpackaged chemicals picked up from the stockroom must be transported in secondary containment.  As such and effective immediately,  stockroom staff will not be able to release orders and packages for pickup without confirming your use of secondary containment. 

This containment should consist of:

the original DOT approved packing for the chemical (if you are picking up a shipment you will be in compliance),

a bucket, or a cart equipped with side walls to prevent items from sliding off and leak-proof containment in case the item breaks on the surface of the cart.  This leak proof containment for a cart may take the form of the type of inexpensive plastic bin shown below:


Please bring your secondary containment with you to pick up your orders.  As a reminder, all chemicals should be transported using the freight elevator.  I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about this new policy and thank you for your assistance in keeping Pitt Chemistry #1 in safety!